Development of water information systems


Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2014 2014 “Analysis of relevant options for joint Swiss / Austrian intervention in the institutional framework of the water sector in Moldova” Europe Moldavie MD
2013 2020 Appui à la gestion des intégrée et partagée des données sur les usages et ressources en eau du bassin transfrontière du Chu (Kyrgyzstan/Kazakhstan) Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Kirghizistan KG
2013 2014 Gestion des données sur la qualité des eaux de baignade en Turquie Mediterranean - Middle East Turquie TR
2010 2013 Renforcement des capacités d'administration des données pour l'évaluation des ressources en eaux des transfrontières en Europe de l'Est et Asie Centrale (Kazakhstan) Asia, Europe, Central and Eastern Europe Kazakhstan KZ
2010 2010 Appui à la mise en place des portails nationaux WATSAN pour l’intégration et la diffusion des données et indicateurs sur l’eau potable et assainissement (Sélégal) Africa Sénégal SN
2007 2016 PréSADIEau, vers un système panafricain d’information sur l’eau pour une meilleure intégration des connaissances régionales de la gestion locale de l’eau Africa Burkina Faso BF
2007 2015 SADIEau Africa Afrique du Sud, Bénin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Maroc, Mauritanie, Niger, Ouganda, Sénégal, Zimbabwe ZA, BJ, BF, CM, CI, GH, KE, ML, MA, MR, NE, UG, SN, ZW
2002 2002 Etude de pré-faisabilité d'un système de gestion des données et d'informations dans le secteur de l'eau Europe Serbie RS
2001 2003 Gestion transfrontalière du fleuve l'Irtych entre Kazhakstan et Russie - Volet système d'information Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Kazakhstan KZ
1999 2008 Mise en place du SEMIDE "Système Euroméditerranéen d’Information dans le Domaine de l’Eau " Africa Burkina Faso BF
1999 2000 Mesure de la qualité des eaux des fleuves BUG, LATORICA et UZH Central and Eastern Europe, Europe Ukraine UA


Access to information on the status and evolution of water resources and of their uses is a major challenge for the implementation of water policies and adaptation to climate change: whether concerning regulatory actions, planning, risk management or public information, water administrators especially need to have reliable, updated and relevant information.

Faced with this need, organizations in the "Water sector" usually encounter problems such as:

  • How to organize the monitoring and valuation of existing data in order to generate useful information and services for decision-making and information for partners and the public?
  • What data do already exist, in what form and how to access it in a flexible and efficient way?
  • How to manage the multiplicity of data producers and delivery formats as well as the problems of comparability of data sets that are often incomplete, dispersed and of variable quality?
  • What legislative / institutional framework to organize the sharing of data between partners as well as the processing and dissemination of results?

Good governance of water resources therefore depends on improving water data access and processing capacities in collaboration with the producers, in order to generate information and services that meet the expectations of decision-makers and partners.


Who are the stakeholders involved?

Governance and good management of water data are most often organized at the national level (ministries in charge of water and / or water agencies) and by national and / or transboundary basin organizations. In some cases, it can also be set up at the State level (in the case of federal countries) or by regional (landers ...) and local authorities.

Generally, it concerns all the stakeholders involved in data production / processing / valuation / exploitation: from data producers (hydrometeorological services, laboratories, users of water resources, structure managers, etc.), up to the end-users (ministries, regional and local authorities, statistical services, research organizations, etc.), and through data-processing organizations and those in charge of managing information systems.


What is IOWater doing?

Since its creation (1991), IOWater has made its expertise available in France and internationally in actions to support the development of Water Information Systems (WIS).