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Water sector players

Published January 2012

In terms of the State, at ministerial level, the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development plans work in collaboration with the other competent ministries for the sectors in question (drinking water and health, hydraulic energy, waterways etc.). MISE (the Interdepartmental Water Mission) coordinates this work (For more information: ministry of Environment).
At catchment area level, the catchment area prefect coordinates the actions of the government’s various departments in the fi eld of water. 
At regional level (26 regions), the DREAL (Regional Department for the Environment), a decentralised department of the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, ensures that water policy is implemented in a coherent way. In each hydrographic basin, the basin delegation of the DIREN helps the basin prefect to coordinate the work of the State department (For more information: ministry of Environment).

At département level (100 départements), the government’s devolved departments apply the regulatory and technical aspects of water policy. Allocation of withdrawal or discharge authorisations is the prerogative of the state. Applications for permission are examined by a département water policy service(For more information: ministry of Environment). 
At local level, the mayors of 36,000 municipal areas are responsible for drinking water and sanitation services; they implement effi cient and transparent governance of these services. Manufacturers and farmers make up the other categories of local decision-makers / contracting authorities. 
The other stakeholders are companies in the water industry that have developed expertise and practical experience, research institutes which are centres for managing, sharing and exchanging knowledge between experienced professionals, and fi nally environmental protection and consumer rights organizations which are pushing forward the water debate (For more information: ministry of Environment).