International cooperation


Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2014 2015 Actualisation du Plan Stratégique Sectoriel Eau Potable et Assainissement en Haïti Latin America and Carribbeans Haïti HT
2011 2012 Etude de Faisabilité pour une Ecole des Métiers de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement en Haiti Latin America and Carribbeans Haïti HT
2010 2010 Appui au CIAT pour la définition d’une stratégie intégrée des Bassins Versants (Haiti) Latin America and Carribbeans Haïti HT
2007 2015 SADIEau Africa Afrique du Sud, Bénin, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Maroc, Mauritanie, Niger, Ouganda, Sénégal, Zimbabwe ZA, BJ, BF, CM, CI, GH, KE, ML, MA, MR, NE, UG, SN, ZW

Professional training and Human Resources Management

Since 1991, IOWater has been supporting water supply and sanitation utilities and water training organizations, relying on a multidisciplinary team specialized in the different water sectors: 120 permanent experts can accompany stakeholders, operators and project owners in the design and operation of their water-related processes and technologies

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Development of water information systems

IOWater makes its expertise available in France and internationally in actions to support the development of Water Information Systems (WIS).

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Implementation of the Directives

IOWater, active in the ETC-Water of the European Environment Agency, has contributed to the drafting of many documents analyzing or presenting the European situation on water-related topics. IOWater also participated or led numerous projects in support to the implementation of European water legislation or to its evolution.

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Governance of public water supply and sanitation utilities

IOWater offers quality guidance on several key topics such as defining an appropriate national institutional framework; technical and organizational support for drinking water supply and sanitation utilities; training and skills development; financial management and pricing; support to Public-Private Partnership (PPP) implementation and the establishment of performance indicators.

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Basin management

IOWater offers technical assistance, advice or training to Public Authorities in emerging and developing countries: national, regional, local authorities, basin organizations...

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Joint management of agricultural water

The International Office for Water offers its support to the National Water Authorities but also to the stakeholders of organized land to carry out the institutional and legislative reforms that give a framework for an efficient management of agricultural water and for the necessary investments in the agricultural water sector.

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Innovation and transfer

IOWater, as an independent organization, is very active at European level by organizing, coordinating and participating in numerous projects funded by the European Commission.

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Evaluation of public policies and projects

To evaluate public policy is to judge its value against a set of criteria, with a view to improving it and providing information for decision-making. The evaluation of public policies (EPP) not only responds to a budgetary imperative, it also allows, above all, improving the effectiveness of public action. This practice has been promoted for more than 20 years in France and internationally, especially by the United Nations, the OECD or the European Union.

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International events