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Documentary portal

IOWater is facilitating the network of documentary skills by federating and bringing together all the documentalists of the water sector. The network's life revolves around the production of tools and documentary products issued by members of the network on the one hand, and the opening to other networks and professional associations of knowledge and communication industries on the other. IOWater makes technical and scientific documents available through the documentary portal "Technical documents on water", whose objective is the dissemination of technical documents on water and aquatic environments held by the documentation centers at national level. With more than 70,000 entries and numerous study reports, in full-text, the portal, created in 2009, is updated with the participation of 21 partner organizations.


What is found on the Portal, other than the search for a study or a report ?

  • The section "Selection of the network of documentalists": IOWater solicits the contributors, feeds this section enriching it with resources that are proposed by the documentalists of the network of contributing organizations.


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  • The section "Thematic Focus" is a documentary file that processes the reports and documents of the portal. The theme is a topical subject on water and aquatic environments. It is composed of a short presentation on the chosen subject, enriched with a bibliography extracted from a search on the portal and complemented with a series of links to websites which make available data on the topic dealt with. IOWater is facilitating and realizing the thematic zooms.


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Finally, as part of the contributors’ coordination, IOWater takes care of the technical coordination of all the contributors to maintain the portal in operational conditions and its optimization.



Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2020 2020 Rédaction de la partie agricole du rapport de mise en œuvre de la Directive Nitrates en France (2016-2019) Europe, France France FR
2006 Portail documentaire partenarial eau et biodiversité Europe, France, Mediterranean - Middle East France FR

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