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INWTC – International Network of Water Training Centers



The International Network of Water Training Centers aims to: 

  • develop permanent relations between the institutions concerned and enable exchanges of experience and expertise among them,
  • increase awareness of the significance of vocational training on water in development strategies and programs,
  • promote its account taking by national, regional and international institutions,
  • strengthen relations with the main bilateral and multilateral donors or international institutions involved in the development of the water sector,
  • enable the dissemination of good practices and innovative solutions in the field of continuing vocational training on water,
  • promote innovative training, especially in the context of improving the quality and cost of water and sanitation services, of irrigation or the management of natural environments and the environment as a whole,
  • facilitate the development of common tools and teaching materials to increase the efficiency of vocational water training centers,
  • support the creation of new training centers around the world,
  • develop a platform of skills and resource persons in the areas of drinking water supply and sanitation,
  • evaluate the actions undertaken and disseminate the results



To achieve these objectives, the INWTC undertakes the following activities:

  • organization of regular meetings, conferences, symposiums, workshops, study tours,
  • drafting of joint projects between its members, such as the publication of guidebooks, handbooks, methodologies, etc.
  • development of websites or other communication media,
  • organization of exchanges of information on technologies, equipment and other technical and administrative solutions in the water sector, in order to promote and facilitate their implementation,
  • establishment of a system of emulation and evaluation within the network to reward the best practices of the centers,
  • participation in international conferences and events,
  • …. 


Members of the network

The Network is open to: 

  • vocational or technical water training centers or institutions, whether national, regional or international, public or private, and to companies of the sector that use their services,
  • government administrations responsible for water or vocational training in their respective countries,
  • bi-or multilateral cooperation organizations supporting actions to develop integrated management of water resources and drinking water supply and sanitation utilities, or irrigation services and which support vocational training programs in these sectors.

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