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Data hosting and security


As part of its activities, the International Office for Water (IOWater) develops and maintains a computerized hosting structure. It allows your applications to always be accessible from the WEB.

This structure is installed in the IOWater Data Center which ensures the reliability, security and high availability of the data and services used by your applications. It is composed of several computer rooms geographically distant and connected by optical fibers. These rooms are composed of server racks and virtual machines based on different operating systems. As part of a quality system, they are maintained under active surveillance (supervision) at the physical and application structure level. IOWater hosting structure is inherently flexible; it allows you to offer a tailor-made hosting ensuring a comfort of access adapted to the architecture of your applications and your data.

This structure allows our engineers, specialized in the field of water and its environment, to offer you innovative solutions for digital modernization adapted to your situation and external environment. Specializing in water information and its processing, IOWater is able to size its computerized hosting offer. The organization of IOWater also allows addressing a varied public and private clientele (see IOWater news) (cf. Les nouvelles de l’OIEau).  .

With the IOWater model, the costs of hosting your applications and your data are reduced thanks to the pooling of resources.


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