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Implementation of a project in the areas of water, sanitation or waste imposes administrative, legal and financial constraints. On a local scale that is wider than that of the municipality, water and sanitation services may request support on issues that may be:

  • Organizational, for example, in the evolution of the area of responsibility or in order to optimize the functioning of a service;
  • Administrative, in procurement in particular;
  • Regulatory and legal, to facilitate the owner to take charge of the latest developments and of the issue.

We are an association recognized to be of public interest, independent in nature vis-à-vis sector stakeholders. Among the sectors concerned there are: drinking water supply, sanitation, waste, health and the environment; risks, urban planning, water in industry, industrial and commercial public services, public procurement, international water law, etc.


Some examples of projects

We offer assistance, by providing mastered open tools: exchange and documentary platforms, shared deliverables, online planning, forums, videoconferences and web conferences, to facilitate exchanges and the sharing of digital files:

  • Defining service requirements, their type and quantity;
  • Analyzing and advising on the ways and means of carrying out work, of operating under public distribution services, public procurement and proper execution of contracts for drinking water supply or sanitation, analyzing the providers’ offers;
  • Monitoring and managing planning, validation of deliverables, payment follow-up, especially when external advice is required;
  • Taking regulatory constraints into account;
  • Assisting in modifying the area of the owners’ responsibility;
  • Developing or revising planning documents (SAGE, strategic plans, etc.).


Legal aspects combine national and European laws and regulations. The services we offer (advice, assistance and legal expert knowledge) build capacities and facilitate institutional and administrative reforms for the management of water resources, aquatic environments and services. Here are some of the assistance actions we can provide:

  • Advice and expertise on water and environmental law for local, national, European or international organizations;
  • Advice and assistance regarding authorization or declaration under the legislation on water and classified installations;
  • Legal watch;
  • Analysis of public service delegation agreements and of the review or termination procedures.


IOWater skills and know-how

Our methodology:

  • Thorough knowledge of constraints and needs on a continuous basis: field visits, meetings with specialists and decision makers, analysis of existing strategic or technical documents;
  • Involvement of the project's steering committee: proofreading, correction, sharing and validation by the authority via working seminars;
  • Dissemination to field agents and partners;
  • Long-term assistance;
  • Training activities for local stakeholders or trainers, online documentary platform, assistance with legislative translation of documents, evaluation of future projects within the set up repository.



An example of results of an analysis of the implementation of a Sanitation Charter


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