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Since 1991, the International Office for Water has relied on a multidisciplinary team specialized in the different water sectors: our 120 permanent experts have a potential for proposing the development of specific and adaptable innovative solutions.

At a time when the competitiveness of companies and the performance of public institutions require facing increasing challenges in terms of access and implementation of innovative solutions, we provide:

  • Support and assistance in innovative technical areas related to water;
  • Knowledge of the institutional and legal context;
  • A commercial and useful vision of your innovation;
  • Financial assistance to limit the risks associated with investment in innovative technical areas;
  • Operational response to your needs.


Some examples of projects

Many industrial processes require production lines for very specific process water, advanced treatment of industrial wastewater, optimization of processes, valorization of by-products (sludge, but also gas, heat) etc.

Major industrial groups have already called on the IOWater team of experts at various stages of a project:

  • For assistance to identify their treatment or performance needs;
  • To advise them when formulating administrative or technical specifications;
  • To conduct an audit of existing facilities and identify improvements that could be implemented: optimization of energy, consumables, reduction of maintenance or repair costs, etc.;
  • To help with pilot unit design or their follow-up to test very specific processes and devices prior to on-site implementation.

Customers, industries or communities, ask IOWater to carry out analyses or optimize their treatment processes:

  • industrial wastewater treatment in a food-processing plant and choice of a process water treatment,
  • optimization of the installations of large organizations and industrial companies such as: CEA, AREVA, EDF, ANDRA, Tereos, Soufflet, etc. But also municipalities and syndicates such as Blois, City of Noumea, Le Grand Pitiers, SIAM, SIAAP, etc.


IOWater skills and know-how

IOWater has a unique know-how in terms of both diversity of fields of expertise that can be mobilized and independence of the advice and support provided. Areas of expertise include:

  • Treatment of drinking water or process water: membranes, resins, calcocarbonic balance, disinfection (chlorine, ozone, UV…), etc.;
  • Treatment of industrial effluents by biological processes, membranes;
  • Treatment and management of sludge, biogas and treated water;
  • Electromechanical equipment (drilling, pumping), control and acquisition systems, automation;
  • Waste management;
  •  Quality - Safety - Environment regulations.


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Start date End date Title of the project Continent Country Country
2016 2017 Fiabilité des pré-traitements par digestion anaérobie Europe, France France FR

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