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Since 1991, the International Office for Water has relied on a multidisciplinary team specialized in the various water sectors: 120 permanent experts can assist the stakeholders and project owners in defining, planning and implementing their projects.

Professionals in small or large local authorities, who work in drinking water supply, (community, on-site, stormwater, etc.) sanitation, integrated water resource management, environment, waste, etc., request the advice and support of our team for the evaluation of structures or programs, project management, optimization of a service, etc.


Some examples of projects

To meet these needs, IOWater…

  • provides independent expertise, suited to the demand
    Assessing the appropriateness of a facility, a service, from a technical, legal or organizational point of view, optimizing energy or reagent consumption, helping estimate needs, etc.
  • assists the project owners in the design, associated markets and the follow-up of their project
    Assisting in formulating technical requirements, administrative clauses, requirements of a delegation of service; assisting in procurement, etc.
  • assists the project owners in the decision-making processes and in the coherence of their different programs
    Coordinating studies on a wide area, for example, at the level of a river basin, to ensure homogeneity of the methodology and deliverables produced by several providers.
  • analyzes strengths and weaknesses and evaluates the effectiveness of actions
    Assessing the implementation of a Quality Charter: Achieving harmonization and independent analysis of data on a large scale.


An example of a study: Assistance to a project owner in Drinking Water Supply (DWS)

A Rural Intermunicipal Syndicate takes responsibility for Drinking Water Supply (DWS) through the management of water resources constituted by a secure catchment area for a surface water intake under an exchange agreement. For some, interconnections and mixtures are used for the main intakes before distribution.

  • Drafting of a summary descriptive synthesis of the technical, health and economic issues and, more specifically, of the management and organization of resources and of the trends in quality and quantity available through the intakes;
  • Specifying the definition and outline of a dialogue for an overall DWS master plan for the syndicate, and scheduling work on the catchment-supply networks allowing economic projections to balance services and water prices;
  • Monitoring and validation of the execution of the previous dialogue, from an administrative, technical and financial point of view


IOWater skills and know-how

IOWater has a unique know-how enabling it to:

  • Analyze local structures and programs;
  • Establish action plans;
  • Assess the existing structures;
  • Summarize and define objectives;
  • Prepare the dialogue file, advice on dialogue methods (procedures, criteria, performance...), independent analysis and allocation proposal;
  • Follow up, coordinate and validate the services;
  • Thematic studies set objectives in response to your needs, namely:

- Optimizing the implementation of the European Directives and public policies;

- Creating communities of thematic stakeholders and knowing the existing networks;

- Benefiting from experience and feedback on specific environmental issues.

Among the tools used, there are:

  • Thematic Bibliography;
  • Technological or legal watch;
  • In particular with the use of collaborative platforms between the various stakeholders;
  • In-person and remote surveys and interviews with videoconferencing, webinars, or teleconferencing tools;
  • Definition of constraints and objectives with the services: a technical, organizational, financial analysis, can follow a method of analyzing Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats – SWOT.

We offer you assistance by providing you with mastered open tools: Exchange and documentary platforms, shared deliverables, online planning, forums, videoconferences and web conferences, to facilitate exchanges and the sharing of digital files.



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