China : EU-Yangtze Dialogue on River Basin Management in Shanghai

(The News N° 17 - February 2010)

EU-Yangtze Dialogue on River Basin Management in Shanghai Organized by Changjiang (Yangtze) Water Resources Commission (CWRC), EU- China River Basin Management Program (RMBP) and WWF, a high-level dialogue on river basin management was held in Shanghai, China, on April 19, 2009, the day before the Third Yangtze Forum, which has been an important step in promoting integrated river basin management (IRBM) in the Yangtze River Basin and in China.

High-level experts and officials from EU and China attended the conference, coming from CWRC, Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC), Pearl River Water Resources Commission, Taihu Lake Authority,

International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River and Rhine River Commission. During this Conference, INBO Secretary, Mr. Jean-Francois Donzier, Director General of IOWater, was invited to present a report on public participation within the implementation process of the European Water Framework Directive.

This Dialogue meeting emphasized the sha - ring of experience and lessons learned in promoting basin management both in the European Union and China.

A consensus was reached to declare that Integrated River Basin Management is a vital approach to ensure water security, ecosystem conservation and the sustainable economic and social development in the world, and that its implementation requires political will, high-level commitment, cooperation between economic sectors, participation from all stakeholders and support with a legal framework. All the participants of the conference also appealed to strengthen international coope - ration to promote River Basin Management and to address climate change.


Participants in the EU - CWRC Dialogue 4th International Yellow River Forum (IYRF)

The 4th International Yellow River Forum took place in Zhengzhou, China, from 20 to 23 October 2009, on the theme: "Ecological Civilization and River Ethics".

The Forum was organized around technical sessions on the following topics:


  • Social and environmental impact of Climate Change; sustainable water resour - ces management;
  • Watershed rehabilitation;
  • Scientific meanings of ecological civilization; Modern river basin management and restoration;
  • River ethics and sanitation;
  • Application of experiences and new technologies of Water Resources Management;
  • Sediment management of high silt-laden rivers and reservoirs;
  • Water right transfer, water safety, water environment, water market and water saving.

The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) was invited to organize an official ”special session” on IWRM implementation in the River Basins of the world, with two topics:

  • role of Regions/Provinces, Local Authorities and users in basin management;
  • financing of the Basin Management Plans, of their Investment Plans and Programs of Measures.

At the closing ceremony of the Forum, a partnership agreement was signed by Mr. Laszlo Kothay, World President of INBO, and Mr. Li Guoying, Commissio - ner of the Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) in the presence of Mr. Donzier, Director General of IOWater.
The papers of the ”special INBO session” and the photographs of the Forum are avai - lable on the website: