COLOMBIA: Creation of a professional training centre

Given the progress made in the delegated management of municipal drinking water supply in Colombia, above all in the Cali (Palmira) region and on the Caribbean coast (Carthagena and Barranquilla), the International Office for Water has undertaken, with LYSA (Lyonnaise-des-Eaux Associated Services), a feasibility study for the creation of a Colombian Training Centre for Water Professions.


A first mission carried out in November 1998 and funded by the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs ("Andean countries" regional delegation) enabled IOWater to underline the interest of creating such a Centre.

Training is an important stake in the current situation in which Colombian communities are responsible for water supply and the countries of the Andean region are committed to delegating the management of public utilities.

The short term objective is therefore to be able to offer all categories of professionals from the water sector in Colombia and neighbouring countries in the Andean region, a range of practical training courses, in all the technical sectors of drinking water supply and sanitation, in terms of both construction of plants and operation, maintenance and management of utilities.

An agreement concerning the second phase of the feasibility study was signed on 3 August 1999 between IOWater and the "Corporación Autonoma Regional de Cundinamarca", in charge of environmental management in the Bogota region.

This study could lead to a partnership with the Colombian institutions and subsidiary companies of the French and Spanish groups working in the country, for the setting-up of a training centre.