Djibouti : Restructuring of ONEAD's commercial management

(The News N° 21 - January 2011)

In 2009, the National Water and Sanitation Office of Djibouti (ONEAD) embarked on a major program of restructuring its marketing department.

Following the recommendations for reorga nizing, updating and sustaining the customers’ files, IOWater has made a major large-scale skill transfer.

Thus, over 50 people of this department bene fited from practical training, applied to the context of Djibouti, in the fields of connections, metering systems, reading, billing, commercial databases and customer reception and management.

For the most strategic training programs, IOWater used an innovative approach combining both knowledge input and practice first on test sites, then in the actual context of the agents’ activity. The concerned operators had six months of coaching before continuing alone the tasks related to their new responsibilities.



Assistance to commercial management

(The News N° 17 - February 2010)


The World Bank is financing a project, which aims to reorganize the water sector in Djibouti in order to lastingly solve the problems of water shortages that the city has been encountering for a long time.

Thus the National Water and Sanitation Office of Djibouti (ONEAD), which has about 26,300 prospective customers of whom only a part is billed, wishes to reorganize its commercial management tools.

There are delays in the updating of the “customers” database, the invoicing/recovery software is unstable, the number of meters is not known...

This leads to a low recovery rate and the number of unpaid invoices is alarming. The study, entrusted to IOWater, thus aims at changing the organization of commercial management in order to sustainably improve the operational results of the company. It includes two components:

  • on the one hand, establishing an effective methodology to update the “customers” database and testing it to evaluate its efficiency;
  • on the other, proposing a new organization to the commercial department, defi - ning the means to be implemented and developing the agents’ abilities in order to ensure a regular updating of the database and guarantee its reliability and sustainability.