ICRC : New cooperation with the CNFME in the Congo


New cooperation with the CNFME in the Congo

(The News N° 16 - December 2008)


The CNFME carried out a training course in Lubumbashi, Katanga (Southern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) from 23 June to 4 July 2008 on the topic "operation and maintenance of water pumping stations".

This training course, financed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, was intended for technicians and engineers of the REGIDESO which supplies water to the whole country.

The REGIDESO has in Lubumbashi a training center comparable with that of Kinshasa. Fifteen agents of the REGIDESO and three local technicians of the ICRC participated in this twoweek training course. Laurent Deplat and Bruno Portero, of IOWater’s CNFME, trained them on:

  • hydraulic and mechanical aspects, etc.,
  • choice, installation and maintenance of pumping stations,
  • electromechanics and power supply.

One of IOWater’s trainers had gone before to the site in order to have a more precise idea of the supply system and of the problems encountered locally. This preliminary work enabled the training team to better meet the trainees’ expectations, thanks to a better knowledge of the local constraints. This training course fits in with the collaboration which the International Office for Water has maintained with the ICRC for several years.

IOWater carries out:

  • the training of “water and habitation" engineers” of the ICRC during two weeks each year in the centers of Limoges and La Souterraine,
  • training assignments or technical expertise in the countries where the ICRC intervenes.



Strengthened collaboration

Collaboration between the "Water and Habitat" (Wat-hab) Service of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), based in Geneva, and the IOWater’s National Training Center for Water Professions (CNFME) has been strengthening for several years.

In particular, CNFME received in October 2007, for the sixth consecutive year, a group of ICRC Project Managers, based all over the world (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Chad, etc.) for a professional training course on the "Evaluation of drinking water infrastructures".

In 2007, the CNFME also carried out, for ICRC and in partnership with the Wat-hab units of the concerned countries, several training courses on the topics of the maintenance of water production plants and pumping stations in Burundi and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A training course and technical assistance on the operation of drinking water production plants are already planned, at the beginning of 2008, for 3 units in Pakistan (Cashmere Province).