Industry and NWTC... The winning choice...

12% of the trainees of the National Water Training Center (NWTC) are employees in the industry, 56% of whom are trained in tailored courses.

Water is a strategic resource for industry as it is at the core of the production process (manufacture, cleaning, etc.).

Thus, more and more industries are seeking to comply with the law and reducing production costs and also investment and operating costs in the treatment of discharged wastewater, while limiting their water consumption. Water management has thus a significant impact on the economic performance of the company and on its development.

By optimizing the management of this raw material, the industry contributes to create value. Industry requires specialized and polyvalent skills often with very specific and urgent needs.

In 2013, NWTC helped and supported many industrialists in their search for tools or ways for optimizing their processes.

For example, NWTC trained and technically supported an industrialist in agribusiness to improve the quality of discharges and thus enable him to maintain a high production rate watched by the Water Police.

Foreign countries were not left out, in many projects today (Malaysia, Switzerland, Poland, ...) manufacturers have specific and urgent needs to ensure the sustainability of their sites.


The industrialist can often save money, even make additional gains and returns on investment from NWTC work. 4