ONEP and IOWater: increasing and exemplary collaboration

(The international News - January 2011)


For 4 years, the Water and Sanitation Institute (IEA/WSI) of the National Office for Drinking Water Supply (ONEP) of Morocco and the French National Water Training Center (FNWTC) of IOWater have undertaken to increase their collaboration.

Firstly, it should be reminded that in 2006, IOWater and the German consulting firm GKW (Poyry) drafted a plan for training the ONEP staff involved in the sanitation sector.

- In 2009 and 2010, the FNWTC was in charge of carrying out the KFWfinanced training plan on "Automatism, Remote Management and Instrumentation" of ONEP.

IOWater thus carried out 30 training courses and 150 training days in Morocco with the Moroccan SOHIME Company, addressing 60 executives and high-level technicians of ONEP.

IOWater also assessed the students’ skills for selecting the 10 future trainers of ONEP on these topics.

In order to reinforce the practical side of these training courses and the acquisition of professional skills, IOWater assisted ONEP in installing training units for allowing the students to be in real working conditions.

 In 2010, IOWater also carried out for ONEP’s WSI, with financing from KFW:
- 4 training courses in France on the design and operation of wastewater treatment plants and sewage networks,
- 5 training courses in Morocco on the modeling of sanitation systems, pum - ping, cleaning of anaerobic lagoons, subcontracting at ONEP and project management in sanitation.

In 2011, it is planned that IOWater takes part in the engineering of the educational units for the design and implementation of a sanitation system and the management of a wastewater treatment plant with activated sludge.
At the same time, IOWater is calling upon trainers of ONEP to carry out training courses in Arabic in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, within the management contract signed by Suez Environment and based on the training plan and educational kits designed by IOWater. ONEP is assuming the Presidency of the International Network of Water Training Centers (INWTC) and IOWater is in charge of the permanent secretariat.


Protecting water resources : a main concern for the national office for drinking water (ONEP) 

(The international News - N° 11 -  2000)

Three training courses, financed by German Co-operation (GTZ), took place from 2 to 8 November, from 14 to 20 November and from 28 November to 4 December 1999. They addressed higher executives from ONEP (regional managers and executives from the head office).


These courses aimed at providing a better understanding of French water policy and of the Water Agencies' role and missions. They also dealt with procedures and methods for implementing measures for water resource protection: delimitation of protection areas, water policing, role of the Agencies in this field, etc.

Case studies were of great interest to the participants.