OECD Initiative on water governance

The OECD Initiative on Water Governance gathers representatives of national Governments, regional, local and basin Authorities, the private sector, NGOs, service providers, regulators, international organizations, donors and independent experts.
In total, 25 countries are involved.
The Initiative was developed in partnership with Suez Environment, ASTEE, the International Network of Basin Organizations, the International Office for Water, UNESCO, the Water Integrity Network, Stockholm International Water Institute and Transparency International which facilitate various working Groups.
Several institutions emphasized the lack of information on relevant case studies, best practices and expertise, which often hinders decision makers in the water sector and prevent the effective implementation of appropriate policies.
Participants mentioned the need to share knowledge, encourage peer-learning and allow benchmarking.
It is particularly important to involve stakeholders coming from outside the water community: the Initiative associates representatives from the energy and agricultural sectors, Parliamentarians and Elected Officials, media, consumer associations, trade unions, private companies and the civil society.