Saudi Arabia - Jeddah : IOWater is launching training in Arabic

(The News N° 21 - january 2011)

The National Water Company (NWC) entrusted the International Office for Water with the implementation of the Plan for technical training of staffs of Jeddah Water Services (JWS).
This priority training program, which includes 36 training courses, was developed in 2009
following the analysis carried out by IOWater on the training needs of the various operating divisions of JCBU (Jeddah City Business Unit).
One feature of this training program is the use of IOWater’s Arabic-speaking trainers, specialized in France at the National Water Training Center (NWTC - IOWater).
As part of its partnership with Suez, IOWater had also developed 40 training kits that were translated into Arabic by the partner Miahona (AcwaPower).

JCBU had built in 2009 the first part of its Training Center in Jeddah to the highest standards
of quality and modernity.
This first training program, highly technical and operational, will run from September 2010 to September 2011.