A "SIIF" for the Urban Waste Water Directive

IOWater, in collaboration with UBA (Austria), is testing and applying the "SIIF" (Structured Implementation and Information Framework) to the Urban Waste Water Directive (91/271/EEC) for the European Commission.
Launched in 2013, this project has gradually involved Ireland, Cyprus, Slovenia and Lithuania, then Poland, Romania and Croatia.
The objective was to develop a generic website and an "open source" for a country to display the data it reports to the European Commission every two years, but also to make them readily accessible to all.
The system includes automatic calculations of compliance, a presentation on maps, data access and various printing functions, export or links to individual data sheet per city or wastewater treatment plant.
The website allows homogenously presenting the situation of sanitation in several countries.
Based on a user-friendly interface including maps and graphs, this site provides access to the latest information in a format compliant with standards set by the European Union.
The way it is organized allows for further developments.
Once the system is perfectly operational, the platform will be made available to all the Member States for generalized use.