Support to public policies on water resources management for agriculture and rural development in Tunisia

IOWater is participating in the Program for Support to Public Policies on water resources management for agricultural and rural development (PAPS-Water) in Tunisia, funded by the European Union.
IOWater is part of the Louis Berger / IOWater / SCET / CCM Consulting consortium, led by Louis Berger, which was selected to implement the project.
A long-term expert is mobilized by IOWater for 2 years on the topic of capacity building for Tunisian stakeholders in the field of IWRM.
12 organizations under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture are involved.
The project activities are:
  •  Development of training plans for the capacity building of the Ministry’s staffs working in the water sector;
  •  Mobilization of research - development in support to the PAPS-Water;
  •  Dissemination through seminars targeting the staffs of the Regional Agricultural Development Agencies (CRDA) and private experts.
  • Training and skills transfer in the field of communication, including the development of a communication strategy and a communication campaign for the National Water Supply Company (SONEDE) and the Agricultural Training and Popularization Agency (AVFA).