Training in 2014 on "Waste, Environment, Sustainable Development"

In its 2014 catalogue on "Waste, Environment and Sustainable Development, the NWTC proposes 47 training programs organized in 51 training courses on the topics:

  • Waste: regulation, service management, hygiene and safety, communication, collection and selective sorting, maintenance of facilities, treatment and reuse of waste and wastewater treatment sludge, leachate, biogas, odor treatment, etc.;

  • Air: measurement of pollution in open air; l Noise: noise at work in water and sanitation utilities;.

  • Sites and soils: pollution appraisal and removal from polluted sites and soils.

  • Energy: electric energy savings, strategy for the use of renewable energy;

  • Sustainable development: carbon footprint, sustainable development approach, sustainable purchase, integration of hydraulic structures into the landscape, storm water recovery.

In 2014, NWTC is proposing a training program for operators of Waste Storage Facilities (WSF).


  • This program includes the 4 following training courses:

  • Operator of a Non Hazardous Waste Storage Facility (NHWSF);

  • Biogas: adjustment and optimization of a NHWSF;

  • Valorization of biogas;

  • Leachate treatment in a NHWSF