Training reference frames on "water samples"

{{In early 2012, the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments (ONEMA), ”AQUAREF” and the International Office for Water established a working group to develop training reference frames relating to the sampler’s job and based on existing “AQUAREF” guidelines and documents. }}
These reference frames are intended primarily to improve and homogenize practices and thereby promote better recognition of the sampler’s profession. Two first training reference frames were developed by IOWater:
- ”Sampling of water and phytoplankton in rivers;
- ”Water sampling in the context of the monitoring program for Water Bodies in France: Core curriculum”.
{{Upon request of the French Water Agencies, NWTC is organizing training sessions based on these reference frames. }} Two other training reference frames are being developed:
- ”Sampling of water and phytoplankton in lakes”;
- ”Sampling of wastewater to search for priority and emerging micro-pollutants”. These reference frames are to be disseminated so that samplers can benefit from homogeneous training consistent with current technical requirements