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Ukraine : the southern Bug basin committee 1999

By alternating between training and experts’ missions in the Ukraine and a seminar in France, with the support of the Rhone-Mediterranean-Corsica Water Agency, this pilot project, funded by the European Commission’s TACIS programme and the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs, dealt with integrated water resource management in the Youjny Bug river basin (Southern Bug), after a first phase aiming to raise the awareness of executives of the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety as well as of local representatives from communities and industry.  

This experience is likely to be used for other basins in the Ukraine and for international basins such as that of the Dniestr or the Dniepr.

The training programme, carried out during 1999, provided the Ministry's executives with knowledge on the institutional structure used in France for water management.

Three seminars were held in three main towns in the basin : Khmelnitsky, Vinnitza, Nikolaïev. They gathered in each town the stakeholders of future water management: Vodokanals, Industrialists, Representatives from Local and National Assemblies dealing with the environment. These meetings which gathered more than 150 people, allowed the understanding of the large principles which govern modern river basin management.

Following this training phase, legal advisers of the Ministry together with representatives from the Ministers' Cabinet and National Assembly, drew up the draft regulatory texts needed for the setting-up of a basin committee for the Youjny Bug.

This text was submitted to the Ministers' Cabinet at the beginning of 2000.

The project duration, limited to one year, only allowed for the establishment of means needed by the Basin Committee for implementing its policy for water resource management and protection.

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