Strengthening the institutional capacity of the ministry of housing and municipal economy of Ukraine to streamline the water services management at municipal level

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Ukrainian Government European Commission
Start Date : 
April, 2011
Completion Date : 
September, 2012
Funding organisation: 
Union Européenne
Description of the project: 

IOWater led this Twinning Project in partnership with Bulgaria, with contributions from both experts from IOWater and external experts from French water administration ( the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, ONEMA, Water Utilities, Water Agencies and ADETEF).

The project had 3 main objectives:
R1: The existing legal, institutional and organisational framework of municipal water services is reviewed in the light of EU standards with a view to providing better services to users.
R2: Support for financial management of municipal water service sector is provided according to EU Standards.
R3: The legal framework of municipal water service is supplemented by additional reforms complying with EU standards.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

• Evaluation of the gaps in Ukrainian legislation
• Proposals for improvements,
• Changes to legislation/procedures/ technical standards approved by MHME
• Support for implementation in Human Resources development and organizational framework, licensing, technical improvement, forecast of water uses, public participation, Customer management
• Analysis of the current legal framework for PPP in Ukraine (including Lugansk and Odessa PPP contracts) and recommendations to improve it
• Organisation of Seminars on PPP conditions for success
• Draft a water observatory model approved by MHME with relevant performance indicators and a specific software to administrate the data collected
• Support the National Commission of the State Public Utilities Regulation in the definition of a new tariff setting methodology and draft contract with users