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Technical Assistance to the Algérienne des Eaux (ADE)

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Algérienne des Eaux
Start Date : 
March, 2002
Completion Date : 
November, 2006
Funding organisation: 
Name of Associated partners if any: 
Description of the project: 

Implementation of a multiyear programme for technical and educational assistance to the « Algérienne des Eaux » company - (12,000 people and later 22,000). It dealt with the following development baselines:
- Improvement of human resources management: training programme for the managers and regional executives in charge of human resources development in the ADE
- Training of technical trainers (treatment, networks, electromechanics, commercial aspects, etc.)
- Audits of desalination units and training of these units’ operators
- Immersion of the “Algérienne des Eaux” executives in French water utilities
- Assessment of ADE’s training needs

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Formulation of procedures for Human Resources Management:
- Preparation of a national frame of references of trades
- Process for operational organisation
- Procedures for yearly evaluation of the staff
- Procedures for training requests and evaluation of training activities
- Formulation of a methodology for the analysis of the company’s operational organisation
• Preparation of the masterplan for professional training:
- using training topics
- using the staff levels
- using priorities
• Drafting of technical specifications for implementing a project for the building of a Training Centre for Water and Sanitation Professions
• Assistance with the training of the Algerian executive and staff of the Training Centres (Algiers, Constantine, Oran)
• Establishment of a management system based on benchmarking: performance indicators specifically focusing on the management of water utilities:
- Water resources
- Staff
- Assets and users
- Operation and Maintenance
- Commercial quality of the utility
- Economic and financial aspects
- Geographic and social context


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