Pre-feasibility study for the establishment of a water data and information management system in Kosovo.

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
Start Date : 
February, 2002
Completion Date : 
July, 2002
Funding organisation: 
Ministère Français de l'Environnement
Name of Associated partners if any: 
VersEau/ Nancie
Description of the project: 

In the framework of Kosovo reconstruction programme, a project financed by the French governnment and coordinated by IOWater aimed to propose a global action plan for the creation of a coherent "Kosovo Water information system".

This study presents an integrated strategy and proposes coherent tools and procedures for the collection, the management and the dissemination of water related data and information, necessary for rational water resource management in Kosovo.

Taking into account the projects currently under study with various donors, specific actions were proposed in order to:
- Reinforce water resources monitoring;
- Organise the monitoring of water intakes and of waste water discharges;
- Develop the Kosovo Water Information system itself.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Feasibility study and action plan proposal for the creation of a coherent "Kosovo Water information system".The following was achieved through IOWater short term experts' assignments:
- Analysis of the data production networks still operational;
- Analysis of the availabale data sets and information systems (database and GIS);
- Analysis of the various donors' action plans related to water management;
- Definition of organisational and technical proposals.