Twinning Bulgaria 2002 - N BG EN 99 03

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Bulgarian Ministry for the Environment
Start Date : 
January, 2000
Completion Date : 
July, 2002
Funding organisation: 
Union Européenne -PHARE
Name of Associated partners if any: 
Description of the project: 

The key objective of the Phare Twinning project entitled "Institutional Strengthening at National and Regional Level of the implementation of European Directives", is to develop and set up the regulatory basis, required according to the provisions of the New Bulgarian Water Act and the newly adopted EU Water Framework Directive, for establishment, putting in operation and making functional the water authorities in charge of the river basins management.

One of the 5 phases of this project managed by IOWater, consisted in proposing to the Ministry of Environment and Water "improvement or modifications for the National Information System for Water Resources Management that allows appropriate operation of a National Water Resources Management System"

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Study for the valorisation of existing water related information system within the framework of the Water Framework Directive implementation The following was achieved through IOWater short term expertises :

- An analysis o :
. The legislative and institutional context;
. The "Who is doing what?" at national level, in terms of water data production, data management, as well as water related information production, dissemination and use.
. The potential data sources already existing for the pilot basins area.

- Presentation of recommendations in order to reach, at basin and national level, a coherent production and management of the data and information necessary for the Water Framework Directive.