Twinning Hungary 2001 - HU 98/IB-EN- 01

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Hungarian Ministry for Environment
Start Date : 
January, 1998
Completion Date : 
September, 2001
Funding organisation: 
Union Europeenne -PHARE UE DG 1A
Description of the project: 

The Institutional Building-Twinning Project aimed to assist the Hungarian Ministry for the Environment (hereafter referred to as the Ministry) to accelerate the process of approximation of Hungarian legislation with the EU environmental acquis, in particular :

- Reducing the gap between Hungarian legislation and certain selected directives applicable to waste, air, water, chemicals and industrial risks ;
- Presenting the draft version of laws in these relevant sectors ;
- Implementing related institutional building measures, including the scope of work for relevant units of the Ministry ;
- Preparing relevant implementation programmes.

The community acquis related to water covered the following directives :
- Directive 76/464/EEC concerning pollution caused by certain dangerous substances discharged into water and its daughter directives ;
- Directive 2000/60/EEC establishing a framework for
Community action in the field of water policy ;
In relation with water information system, this study allowed :
- The assessment of the existing situation in relation with the information systems on water management and the responsibilities of the main organisations involved as data producers, data managers and/or information users ;
- The study of the possibilities for improving the information production process, useful for implementing the European directives and for establishing the national water resource management policy."

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Study for the valorisation of existing water related information system within the framework of the Water Framework Directive implementation, The following was achieved through IOWater short term expertises :
- An analysis of :
. The legislative and institutional context
. The organisational and technical environment (data source, "Who does what ?", existing information sytems)
. Assessment of information needs
- Presentation of recommendations in order to reach, a coherent production and management of the data and information necessary for the water related European Directives.