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TACIS ENVRUS9801 project "Advice to the Ministry of Natural Resources on Water Management in Russia"

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
Start Date : 
February, 2000
Completion Date : 
January, 2002
Funding organisation: 
Union Européenne - Programme TACIS
Name of Associated partners if any: 
Description of the project: 

The long-term objective of the Russian Federation is to establish an efficient and well-functioning river basin management system, based on objective-oriented planning procedures, sound legal and regulatory procedures and on information-based decision making.

To support this policy, the ENVRUS9801 project, entitled "Advice to the Ministry of Natural Resources on Water Management in Russia", included a component related to the "Implementation of River Basin Management at pilot Scale Level" with activities related to the enhancement of the present information management system(s).

The final report of this component coordinated by IOWater presented:
- A macro analysis of the legislative, institutional and organisational existing situation related to data management, with in particular, an analysis of the main information flows relative to the first main topics to be taken into consideration in the BVU information system ;
- Recommendations for the organisation of the River Basin Organisation's access to the data necessary for producing the information expected at the basin level.

Then, according to the project terms of reference, and with the objective to facilitate "sustainable water uses in the Russian river basins ", a first preliminary tool was developed for the OKA basin (selected as the pilot basin).
The approach adopted in this OKA River Basin Information System prototype named OKARBIS v01, consisted in giving possibilities of information management to the new river basin agencies, combining data and information, coming from various sources, in an adequate Database/GIS structure, with the objective to produce the output necessary for fulfilling its various functions.
Example: with the objective of producing specific information useful for integrated river basin management, some maps were produced with the 2TP data (user/polluter declaration of withdrawal and discharge) made available for testing by the Russian Water Cadastre.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Feasibility study for the development of river basin Information systems in Russia (Web site, data bases, GIS), with :
- Legislative and institutional analysis
- Analysis of information needs
- Technical analysis including :
. Analysis of some national water information systems ;
. Analysis of data flows between data producers and information users ;
- Development of a pilot application on the Oka basin that includes the city of Moscow. This prototype mainly includes :
. Data consultation and query capacities ;
. GIS functionality capacities. Example : despite the missing of XY location of points, this prototype allowed the production of the first automated map enhancing the 2TP national database on water, uses and discharges in the pilot basin.


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