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Vietnam MonRE/ Support to IWRM information system development

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Start Date : 
April, 2010
Completion Date : 
April, 2012
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Description of the project: 

In relation water resources management, Vietnam is among others facing challenges related to resource pollution, increasing water needs of the economy and for drinking water, and occurrence of severe droughts, often attributed to climate change.
Through a memorandum of June 2007, France agreed to cooperate with Vietnam in the area of integrated management of water resources, including the development of Vietnamese expertise in information and awareness to protect water.
The overall objective of the cooperation is to support the planning of a sustainable management of water resources in the basin of Dong Nai through the establishment and / or recommendations for the development of a number management tools .

In relation with " information system ", the overall goal is to support the MONRE in accordance with Decree 162/20033 ( s7 ) the Decree 120/2008 ( Article 9 ) , while strengthening the management of shared data on water resources between actors.

This component includes the development of the National Water Information System (EIS ) applied to the case of the Dong Nai basin for cross capitalization of water data and recommendation for an extension at the national level . The specific objectives of this component are:
- To support the structuring of data available on the Dong Nai River Basin ;
- To broaden the sources of data available for the diagnosis and prepare monitoring the implementation of the management plan ;
- To ensure the widest possible access to data

Description of services provided by IOW: 

This project component related to Water information system included five main tasks:

1) Diagnostic data on existing water in the basin of Dong Nai with drawing up a list of sources of shared database ( metadata ) available for partners
2 ) Recommendations for structuring and sharing of data about the Dong Nai basin. The recommendations are intended to support the creation and supply of the database environment and water resources of the basin DongNai as provided for in the Decree 120
3) Transfer to a server in Vietnam a set of tools for managing an online web portal and catalog data sources. Technical support will be provided during and after the transfer time , especially for the maintenance of the tool.
4 ) Support for the production of maps to illustrate the current situation of the basin from the data collected in the EIS
5) Based on the results of the pilot experiment in the basin of Dong Nai , a diagram of organization of a national information system on water was provided.


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