An agreement between the Guadeloupe Water Office and IOWater for the training of agents and elected officials


The Guadeloupe Water Office is a public institution. It guarantees the preservation of water resources and meets the needs of users. This week, the Guadeloupe Water Office unveiled its new orientations for the next six years and is preparing to renew its investment programme.

In this context, a willingness to assume all the responsibilities that fall within its remit is clearly displayed: this requires, in particular, identifying the various points of its mission, training and informing these various partners of the extent of its capacities.

With regard to the training aspect, the Guadeloupe Water Office has chosen to conclude an agreement with the International Office for Water (IOWater) so that it can fully initiate it into the exercise that it must undertake. This training, which is taking place this week in Guadeloupe, concerns both agents and elected officials.



Eric TARDIEU, General Manager of IOWater, spoke on the subject in an interview given to the 1st chain of Guadeloupe.



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