Find out the IOW’s computer graphic on the French local Water Catchment Management Plans (SAGE)


The local Water Catchment Management Plans (SAGE) was instigated in France by the Water Law of 1992. It reconciles various uses (industry, agriculture, etc.) and promotes the protection of aquatic environments while respecting the specificities of each territory.

To get to familiarized with this tool, the International Office for Water (IOWater) has been offering an computer graphic since 2017. This has just been updated in 2018.

The computer graphic proposed by IOWater on, realized with the financial support of the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFB), allows to (re) discover the SAGE and their stakes in a few minutes. After a brief definition on the role of the SAGE, it is possible to know more about their development or their approval: number of SAGE in France, average number of people present in a Local Water Commission (CLE) and percentage of SAGE approved by prefectural decree.

The computer graphic shows that more than half of the French territory is now covered by the SAGE. If the objective is not to cover the whole territory, but to locally use a relevant SAGE when the state of the waters and the pressures which weigh on the aquatic environments justify it, it is interesting to pay attention to the current mapping in the Hexagon.