The International Office for Water elected Governor of the World Water Council


The International Office for Water (OIW) was candidate to the Board of Governors for College 5 (Professional associations and academic institutions) of the World Water Council, during the 8th General Assembly in Marseille, held from November 30 to December 1. Its engagement will focus on two main priorities:

  • Catalyze new dialogues: dialogues at different scales (city, basin, state, transboundary level), dialogues between different sectors (water, energy, food, health, etc...). IOW is involved in cooperation projects in France, in Europe and many countries of different regions of the world, including Africa, Mediterranean, Asia (East, South East and Central), Latin and Central America. It has learnt that this multilevel and cross-sectoral approaches are necessary for a sound management of water resources, adapted to each regional context : IOW is willing to share experiences of operational IWRM projects, and is able to disseminate conclusions and practices in this field. IOW believes that the political role of WWC in fostering these dialogues among and through its members, in building new relationships with regional or local authorities, can make a difference on the road of improving sustainable water security.
  • Promote education, training and capacity building: not only infrastructures, but also human organizations are key triggers and factors of success for a better water management in each region of the world. Technical skills and professional capacity are absolutely necessary to operate smoothly water facilities and infrastructures, and all levels of water practitioners have to be well trained. Stronger public and private investments are necessary, and can positively impact water management and job creation together. Decision makers have to be better supported, water related data have to be better disseminated and the public at large has to be better involved.

In this context, IOWater was elected Governor of the World Water Council by presenting a duo "governor/alternate" respectful of geographical diversity and gender balance, resolutely committed to opening the horizons : Dr Eric Tardieu, IOWater Director General, and Mrs Judith Enaw born Efundem Agbor, IOWater member, CICOS General Secretary.