IOWater and Cedre: two water specialists sign a scientific and technical cooperation agreement


On 12 June 2018, Eric Tardieu and Stéphane Doll, respectively General Directors of IOWater and Cedre, signed a framework agreement defining the outlines of scientific and technical cooperation between the two organisations in the fields of water, aquatic environments, biodiversity and waste. This agreement will develop synergies between these two associations.

Two very complementary structures

Both of associative status, IOWater and Cedre have complementary missions, know-how and expertise. The signing of such an agreement will therefore make it possible to develop synergies in terms of exchange of information and good practices, promotion of activities and involvement in projects of regional, national and international scope.

On a wide range of fields

The document signed today specifies the modalities of the collaboration between the two structures and details the specific areas foreseen under this agreement, including :

  • The training of professionals ;
  • Expertise and consulting missions;
  • R&D programs related to technology and process testing;
  • Contribution to national and international recommendations in terms of documentation and data management systems;
  • Participation in European Union and international cooperation projects as well as networking of actors in the water sector on a global scale;
  • The design and provision of tools to give visibility to the water and biodiversity sectors.

First concrete actions

This partnership is already taking concrete form through an initial action with the digitisation and remote hosting of Cedre training sessions by IOWater. IOWater is also contributing to the preparation of a summary article on GEMAPI for the next issue of Cedre's newsletter.

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