Join Fiware4water and share your needs on digital smart solutions for water


FIWARE4WATER is a project funded by the European Commission aimed at enhancing the development of smart solutions to one of the most important issues of the 21st Century: WATER. FIWARE4WATER will link the water sector to the smart solution platform “FIWARE”, the objective of which is to support SMEs and developers in creating the next generation of internet services.

More specifically, FIWARE4WATER aims to deliver an open, sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementation-driven software platform standards for water related, smart applications. Using FIWARE technologies, developers can gather context information at large scale from many different sources. Furthermore, FIWARE helps users to easily process, analyse and visualize managed context information, which are essential tasks in the development and implementation of next-generation smart water applications. All users in the water supply chain can benefit from this action, be they cities, water utilities, water authorities, solution providers and citizens. Several interfaces and tools will be developed for the benefit of all water-based end-users and will be demonstrated in four demo cases in Athens (GR), Cannes (FR), Amsterdam (NL) and Great Torrington (UK).

FIWARE4WATER would like to collect information regarding the interaction and functionalities with different systems related to the water sector. The main aim is to ensure the future compatibility of and support to the developing FIWARE platform systems. Thus, concentrating on current systems and applications currently being used or which have been used in the past, whilst also considering other necessities which are not catered for at present, we would ask you to answer the following questionnaire.

Completing the survey should take no longer than 10 minutes. Your name and personal details will not appear on any material arising from this research. All data collected and processed will be handled in compliance with EU data protection legislation. All information will be anonymized and stored in a secure location. Participation in this research activity is entirely voluntary. You may decide not to answer any of the questions if you wish. You may also decide to withdraw at any time.

If you agree to fill in this questionnaire, at your earlier convenience but no later than 8th November, it will help us a lot! (

If you would like to go further and would like to become more involved, a second online survey has been deverloped specifically for water managers who could have a dataset about water (an historical one, whatever the topic: weather, groundwater qualilty...) which could be used in the context of Fiware4Water Challenges to Developpers that we will launch next year. The objectiove of this second questionnaire is to collect the needs of tools to manage water and to collect ideally a set of datas which we will use for the challenges.These Fiware4Water Challenges process will allow participants to manage the data provided to resolve the challenge that you communicate about these data (e.g. I have a historical data from water sensors and I want to know if it is possible to predict the water leaks in the future). The 2nd survey is available here (

contact: s.siauve