The new IOWater booklet "Water quality parameters": a reference work for water quality monitoring


The control programmes implemented by the ARS (Regional Health Agency), pursuant to the provisions of European Directive 98/83/EC on the quality of water intended for human consumption and the Public Health Code, cover microbiological, physico-chemical or radiological parameters to ensure that the water complies with regulatory quality requirements and does not present a risk to consumer health.

This IOWater booklet constitutes a knowledge base of water quality parameters, whether they are regulatory or not.

Each is presented in the form of a card and differentiated according to colour :

  • green card = raw water parameter only,
  • blue card = parameter water intended for human consumption and possibly also raw water,
  • red record = parameter without regulatory value but having an interest.

The information shall relate to the origins of these parameters, the health risks involved, the treatment processes that can be implemented to eliminate or reduce them, and the means of detection available. The regulatory values and the type of sanitary control analyses are also mentioned.