A new osmosis water pilot at the International Office for Water


The International Office for Water (IOWater) has just equipped itself with a pilot osmosis water production unit, under the BWT brand, based on the La Souterraine site.

The system treats water from the city network with a hardness of 13°f and a conductivity of around 250 µS/cm.

After filtration at 90 µm, the water is softened (softener BWT 6025 SC) then filtered at 10 µm, dechlorinated on activated carbon cartridge, filtered again at 1 µm before feeding the osmosis plant. The unit (DELTA MC 20 BP) produces approx. 500 l/h with a conversion rate of 75%. It consists of 2 low pressure modules of 4''. An on-line conductivity measurement is used to monitor the quality of the water produced (conductivity less than 5 µS/cm).

This installation will be used from next month on the training session entitled "Reverse osmosis: control and malfunctions". The practical work will enable the trainees to become aware of the operating and maintenance tasks to be performed on this type of installation, and to understand the impact of the variation of key parameters (pressure, flow) on the quality of the water produced.

It will also be used on the "Ion exchange resins" courses for the softening part, and as a demonstration on all training courses dealing with membrane techniques, whether in pure water production, seawater desalination, or wastewater treatment, whether urban or industrial.

Although to date it is not possible to treat any type of water other than tap water, subsequent developments may allow it. Such a possibility will extend the use of this pilot to effluent treatability tests for example.

Vue du pilote de production d’eau osmosée