Review of the international BIO-PLATEAUX conference on water and aquatic biodiversity


Tuesday 26th November 2019, the BIO-PLATEAUX Conference for the Transboundary Articulation of water and biodiversity associated to aquatic biodiversity has held in Cayenne, French Guiana, supported by IOWater and in coordination with the Water Office of French Guiana

In partnership with actors from Brazil and Suriname, the Conference highlighted water and biodiversity transboundary issues on the Oyapock (French Guiana- Brazil) and Maroni (French Guiana-Suriname) basins. Animated by scientific, technical and political speakers, three plenary sessions succeeded each other during the event in relation to sharing experience and information to improve transboundary cooperation, knowledge issues concerning pollution and pressure, and prevention of natural risks in transboundary basins.

The day after the Conference, a first Technical Working Group was organized where scientific, technical and political actors met around an exchange on the available information and on work leads. In this way, an inventory of all actors and their skills made it possible to define participant’ needs and the action plan running up 2021. This in order to create a Transboundary Observatory on the water management and biodiversity associated to aquatic environments.



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