« Social Innovation in Water and Climate Change in Africa »: join the MOOC organized by AfriAlliance


The European project H2020 AfriAlliance, launched in 2016 and coordinated by UNESCO-IHE Center, brings together 16 partners to support African actors engaged in a sustainable and equitable management of water, to face the climate change.

International Office for Water has to coordinate a research and innovation agenda monitoring by keys water actors in Africa and Europe, gathered in an Advisory Board.

After organizing a first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) few months ago about water and climate changes in Africa, AfriAlliance organizes a free new one from june 2nd to july 12th about « Social Innovation in Water and Climate Change in Africa ».

The main goal of this course is to increase awareness of the potential of social innovation to address water and climate challenges in Africa.

The MOOC has 5 objectives:

  • Define what is a social innovation according to AfriAlliance
  • Describe social innovation in water monitoring;
  • Discuss  social innovation in Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Summarise a social innovation process;
  • Apply the newly acquired knowledge on social innovation to a specific, water-related case.

This MOOC is for young and experienced water professionals, with a background in natural, applied or social sciences, working or interested in Africa.

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The link to register until the 25th May is https://ocw.un-ihe.org/