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Elaboration of the National Masterplan for Sanitation Development

Clarification on the localization: 
Name of client/Beneficiary: 
EGIS Eau, Ministry of Water Resources
Start Date : 
May, 2014
Completion Date : 
June, 2015
Funding organisation: 
Union Européenne
Description of the project: 

The National Sanitation Development Plan is part of the Water Programme II, and aims at providing the urban sanitation sector with an efficient planning tool, allowing the formalization of the national intervention strategy regarding the treatment of waste waters at the scale of hydrographic basins (5) and wilayas (48).
As part of this context, the Ministry of Water Resources contracted the Consortium EGIS – IOWater – GEOSYSTEM to realize an analysis of the current governance of the water and sanitation sector, focusing on the weaknesses upon its structuration and organization, and to propose evolution strategies that take into account the current needs as well as the future developments of the sector.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Firstly, IOWater conducted a detailed institutional study upon the Sanitation Sector and the various following points:
 The current legal framework
 The sectorial organization
 The inventory of the stakeholders and their respective attributions roles
 The tools implemented to suit the legal framework
 The existing links with other related sectors (environment, public health)
This permitted to analyse the weaknesses of the existing governance framework, as well as to define the orientations to follow in order to improve the general situation.
For each main deficiency, IOWater proposed several intervention approaches, combining regulatory evolutions, organisational strategies, and a new orientation for the allocation of means:

 To develop the monitoring of the efficiency regarding the employed means
 To develop the follow-up of the results obtained in the assets management
 To integrate Sanitation into the Water Information Tool and reinforce the conception of this tool
 Ensure the durability of sanitation’s financing, rationalise the expenses, and
 The connexions between the various stakeholders and reinforce the objectives of the prevention police
 To set up tools for the management of sanitation by products, individual sanitation and drainage, and to enlight responsibilities and financing modalities


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