MAROC - Réalisation du plan de formation de l’ONEP sur les thèmes Automatismes / Télégestion / Instrumentation / Communication appliqués à l’eau et à l’assainissement

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Start Date : 
May, 2009
Completion Date : 
December, 2010
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Description of the project: 

IOWater is in charge of ONEP Training and Development Program (PFP) on Automation / Remote control / Instrumentation / Communication applied to WSS

The numerous projects and investments which have been implemented in Morocco within the scope of Automation, Remote control and Instrumentation applied to WSS have also raised issues for upgrading skills accordingly.

Thus, this project designed for the executive team of ONEP in charge of these activities (60 personnel) aims at:

  • Mastering the structure and the analysing processes of this technology;
  • Preparing the specifications for automation, instrumentation and remote-control equipments;
  • Operating this range of equipments.

IOWater is to provide, either in Morocco or in France, 30 courses / 150 training days over the project duration. During the training courses in Morocco, IOWater will evaluate the trainees’ willingness and abilities to become the 10 ONEP trainers for these topics.

In order to strengthen the practice in training and the learning of professional gestures, IOWater supplied and put in operation the pedagogical units designed for putting the trainees in real working situations.

The training program in France will consist in technical visits for operators, and additional technical sessions for the 10 trainers.


Description of services provided by IOW: 

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