QualitéCOQ, the mobile application for shellfish production and relaying areas


The International Office for Water (IOWater), with the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, has launched QualitéCOQ, a new application that presents all French professional shellfish production and relaying areas as well as their classifications and health status.


QualitéCOQ is a mobile application that provides its users with the classifications and health status for all professional production and relaying areas (breeding and professional fishing areas) of live shellfish (oysters, mussels, whelks, sea urchins, clams, etc.) in metropolitan France.

This mobile application is based on data collected and disseminated within the framework of the national portal for access to shellfish production and relaying areas, accessible via www.atlas-sanitaire-coquillages.fr, also created and managed by IOWater, with the financial support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The purpose of the application is to provide reliable and sustainable information to users, whether they are professionals in the sector or new to the subject. In this sense, the application adapts to the user's geographical position and has a geolocation function: it's easy to find out and explore fishing areas around your home, office or on holiday!


Easy to use and accessible to everyone, QualitéCOQ allows you to subscribe to the various shellfish production and relaying areas in order to follow the associated news. To instantly notify users of changes in status or classification of the zones to which they subscribe, the application offers a system of real-time notifications.