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100 «Water & Climate» Projects for Africa



More frequent and intense floods and droughts, reduced river flows, degradation of aquatic ecosystems, rising sea levels resulting in salinization of coastal groundwater: water is one of the first victims of climate change.
To meet the water and climate challenges, more ambitious and innovative projects are needed.
This is a necessity everywhere in the world, but particularly in Africa, one of the areas most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

At the end of the 1st edition of the "One Planet Summit" (12 December 2017 in Paris), the President of the French Republic made a commitment to ensure the development of "100 Water and Climate projects for Africa" within 5 years.


International institutions mobilized

International institutions support the initiative. As co-organizers of the "One Planet Summits" alongside the Presidency of the French Republic, the World Bank and the United Nations General Secretariat contribute to its follow-up and provide support.  

In particular, the World Bank has integrated into the initiative its climate change resilience project in the transboundary Niger River basin. Like the commitments of the French Development Agency (AFD) and the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), all development banks (bilateral and multilateral) and specialized climate finance funds (Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, etc.) have a role to play in supporting the initiative. They can contribute to the identification of projects, finance their incubation or finance their implementation.


INBO: support for drawing up applications and the search for financing

The management of the initiative was entrusted to INBO, Secretariat of the World Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC), within the framework of the Incubation Platform that it has been leading since the United Nations Climate Conference of Marrakech (COP22, November 2016).   

In this respect, INBO seeks and selects the relevant project proposals, co-establishes and secures the budget required for the incubation. The latter must be modest compared to the implementation budget, with a leverage effect of at least 1 to 100; on average, 60,000 euros of incubation for an implementation of 1 to 10 million euros). INBO provides technical support to the project leaders to meet the requirements and procedures of the climate finance donors.




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