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Cameroun - Incubation d'un projet d' adaptation bassin de la Sanaga

Long title: 
Cameroun - Incubation d'un projet d'adaptation pour le développement des mécanismes de GIRE sur le bassin de la Sanaga
Clarification on the localization: 
Cameroun, bassin de la Sanaga
Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Start Date : 
November, 2019
Completion Date : 
November, 2021
Funding organisation: 
Description of the project: 

Specific objectives :

The incubation aims at providing technical and institutional support to the Ministry responsible for water
to develop the three following themes:

* Production of a summary of the current state of knowledge concerning global changes impacts
on water resources (quantity and quality) in the Sanaga river basin;

* Local stakeholders having been identified beforehand, development of strategies for adapting to
the climate change impacts in the Sanaga river basin and set-up of an adaptation project previously
selected amongst several ones identified.

  * The achievement of nationally defined objectives for the implementation of  IWRM mechanisms
in the Sanaga river basin, particularly with the different water users involvement.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

Operational objectives :

* Inventory and diagnosis of the climate impacts on water management and aquatic environments
* Identification of project holders
* Supporting stakeholders in setting up and financing projects

- Result indicators :

* Writing of inventory documents / diagnostics
* List of identified stakeholders
* Number of projects submitted to finance climate and other donors

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