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Long title: 
GEST’EAU - The national website on water integrated management
Start Date : 
January, 2002
Funding organisation: 
Office français de la biodiversité (OFB)
Name of Associated partners if any: 
AFB, Ministère chargé de l'environnement, Agences de l'eau, DREAL, DDTM, structures porteuses de SAGE et de contrats de milieux, Groupe national SAGE
Description of the project: 

Gest’Eau is the national website dedicated to Water Development and Management Master Plan (SDAGE), to water development and management scheme (SAGE) and to environment contract (river, bay and groundwater). It’s a reference website mentioned in several legal orders and circulars of the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development. It is available at:

Gest’Eau enables to get, besides information on each SAGE & environment contracts, contour of boundaries, documents produced in the framework of each tool and at national scale; it also makes available some synthesis documents specifically written to meet the SAGE managers’ needs.

Created and developed in 2002 by the International Office for Water (IOW), together with the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development, it was first dedicated only to the SAGE. Then, in 2005, it was extended to the contracts & innovative restoration actions and to aquatic environment protection actions, and in 2010 to the River Basin Management Plan.

GEST'EAU is today operated by IOW, under the coordination of the French Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development and the National Office for Water and Aquatic Environments (Onema).

Apart from the definition of the different water integrated management tools (SDAGE, SAGE, environment contracts), all the SAGE and environment contracts are detailed on complete fact sheets introducing:

- Characteristics (geographical, physical, socio-economical, institutional, etc.) of the basin concerned,

- The status report and proceedings dates of the SAGE or contract process,

- The involved stakeholders and their contact details (President of Local Water Commission or river committee, project officers, president of the support structure, etc.),

- Documents produced in the framework of the SAGE/contracts linked to the corresponding files.

These sheets can be updated directly by the project officers thanks to a secure access.

Gest’Eau also permits to :

-Gain access to the statutory texts and associated jurisprudence,

-View on dynamic maps their perimeters and look for the SAGE or contracts by name, status, geographical situation, stakes, etc.,

-Broadcast Web Mapping Service (WFS, WMS) usable by other partners (Water Agencies, SAGE managers...).

-Follow the news (new publication, event, agenda…),

-Find some concrete significant/representative feedbacks carried out in the framework of the SAGE or contracts, some documents, some guides at national scale and synthesis to meet the SAGE managers’ needs.

-Make complex researches on the whole website content : pages, attached documents. (.pdf, .doc, .xls…)

It also offers a forum, job advertisements and a newsletter and interviews.


Description of services provided by IOW: 

The IOW carried out the web site creation in 2002 :

-              Facilitating the site through a regulatory and documentary watch system and contents writing,

-              Facilitating the project officers network, SAGE and environment contracts,

-              Writing the newsletter and its distribution,

-              lT development, maintenance of the web site and of the associated data base.

IOW also organized and ran workshops dedicated to the SAGE managers.




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