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IMoMo /SDCproject- Support to the integrated and shared water data management on the water resources and water uses of transboundary basin of Chu (Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan)

Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Ministries in charge of water resource
Start Date : 
December, 2013
Completion Date : 
March, 2020
Funding organisation: 
Name of Associated partners if any: 
Description of the project: 

As member of the consortium iMoMo ("Innovative Monitoring and Modelling"), since end 2013 IOWater collaborates in actions financed by the SDC to strengthen the integrated water data management related to the Chu basin Central Asia (transboundary basin between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan).
The current project includes three main components:
- C1: Support to the monitoring and processing of data at the Water User Associations level;
- C2: Support to the integrated management and access to data related to on the state of water resources and to the withdrawals for irrigation, produced by various institutions of national and local level;
- C3: Modeling for improving water availability forecasts based on the analysis of remote sensing of snow cover.

Description of services provided by IOW: 

In few months, the specific actions led by IOWater Component No. 2 allowed to go from a dispersed data management with data exchanges by phone and with little availability of data, to a situation where the public and the partners involved in the management of Water can have a online access to data on the state of water resources and water uses, regularly updated by 5 national and local institutions of the two countries. The access to data is organized through:
- Dynamic online maps (web mapping) with location of monitoring stations and access to data visualization schemes,
- Interactive online diagrams, also available on tablet for policymakers, with automatic calculation of water balance at key points;
- Modules allowing to data producing partners to download datasets.
Furthermore, upon request of the Commission of transboundary Chu / Talas and thanks to these new data processing capabilities, the first quarterly bulletin summarizing the state of resources and uses for the period April June 2015, was produced and validated during the last meeting of the Commission. The Commission therefore welcomed the project and thanked the CDC for its support, requesting continuation of support for the production of future quarterly newsletters and maintenance of interactive diagrams online.

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