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Sharing and dissemination of knowledge on the economics

Long title: 
Sharing and dissemination of knowledge on the economics
Start Date : 
January, 2019
Completion Date : 
December, 2020
Funding organisation: 
Description of the project: 

OiEau contributes to sharing and disseminating knowledge on economics relating to water, aquatic environments and the biodiversity associated with these environments. As part of this mission, it has set up a section dedicated to economics on its website:


The following topics are addressed in this section:

  • water and wastewater pricing according to use:
    • domestic
    • agriculture
    • industrial
    • others...
  • the quantified assessment of the environmental value of aquatic environments
  • assessment of the value of biodiversity related to aquatic environments
  • economy and allocation of resources to different uses
  • water conservation and management decision making
  • economic monitoring of water and sanitation service providers
  • expenses :
    • for the supply of water and sanitation according to different uses
    • for the management and protection of water resources
    • for aquatic environments
    • for the biodiversity associated with these environments.
Description of services provided by IOW: 

Every 2 months a newsletter “Water and Economics” is published presenting :

  • An editorial or an original article written by OiEau on a basic and/or current topic
  • the results of the watch,
  • a selection of key figures and, for each selected article, an observation / microanalysis of the content with the aim of providing added value.

The letter is sent using a dedicated tool that allows full compliance with the RGPD. The provision and dissemination of these data are made by ensuring that they are easily reusable by all.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, an information and communication campaign on OiEau activities concerning water economics has been carried out by the communication department of the association. The different communication channels of OiEau were used.

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