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Support to Human Capacity Development of the Palestinian Water Sector

Long title: 
Support to Human Capacity Development of the Palestinian Water Sector
Territoire palestinien
Clarification on the localization: 
Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Start Date : 
March, 2016
Completion Date : 
December, 2016
Funding organisation: 
Name of Associated partners if any: 
ICON (Germany), GCT (Palestine)
Description of the project: 

The Palestinian water sector is in a very important period: in order to efficiently serve the population at the best price, but also to address the significant lack of wastewater treatment, a new water law was published in 2014. It put particular emphasis on the importance of better understanding the recurring problems of water and sanitation services of the country. With this in mind, strengthening the skills of their human resources seems to be the most appropriate means, while involving the whole of the sectoral players.

It is thus the main component of the Water Program Palestine of the GIZ, which also aims at supporting the sectoral institutions of the sector, such as the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) or the Union of Palestinian Water Service Providers (UPWSP).

Implemented by the consortium ICON, IOWater and GCT (Palestinian Consultants specialised in training), this project gathers the skills of numerous national and regional experts to achieve the following:

  • A mapping of sectoral players and the realization of an assessment of the existing training programmes for the water services and sanitation professionals, in order to define an optimal logical framework of intervention (through precise definition of the needs and target groups, avoiding overlap and repetition with similar programs…);
  • The realization of training courses addressing water supply and sanitation services, including practical workshops, field visits, case studies, and the participation in forums and international seminars; on various key thematics: operation and maintenance of assets, management of clients, the use of GIS,…;
  • The actual involvement of the main decision-makers (PWA) in order to enable them to carry out and take over the evolution of the sector.
Description of services provided by IOW: 

Project management and Coordination
•    Support to the Union of Palestinian Water Service Providers for the implementation of training activities
•    Preparation of a national  annual training plan for the water sector
•    Preparation and realization of training courses, ‘capacity building’


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