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Technical support for the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management policy in Senegal - Phase 1

Long title: 
Technical support for the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management policy in Senegal - Phase 1
Clarification on the localization: 
Somone Basin (Senegal)
Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Directorate of Water Resources Management and Planning (Ministry of Water and Sanitation) - DGPRE 11/2018
Start Date : 
November, 2018
Completion Date : 
March, 2021
Funding organisation: 
Seine-Normandy Water Agency
Description of the project: 

IWRM allows the various interests to be taken into consideration, without this, the protection of water resources in terms of quality and quantity and the preservation of biodiversity linked to aquatic environments would be impossible in the medium term. In a context of strong developments in integrated water resources management in Senegal, with the water code reform and the development of a new public policy on the subject, the services of the Ministry of Hydraulics through its competent directorate (the DGPRE) can play a central role in promoting the emergence of ad hoc governance bringing together potentially conflicting local interests towards a common goal within the planning units. This requires actions that are in line with all three aspects of the PAGIRE (IWRM Plan), and are the specific objectives of the project:

  • The improvement of knowledge and management resources, including planning at different relevant scales in the country, based on international and sub-regional (West Africa) benchmarking;
  • The creation of an enabling environment for IWRM through appropriate governance, including consultation/participation;
  • The improvement of communication, information, education and awareness raising on water and biodiversity of aquatic environments, in particular by improving the functioning of water information systems and knowledge sharing.
Description of services provided by IOW: 


Activity 1: Consultation/participation mechanisms and management structures

Activity 2: Pilot experience in the Somone sub-PMU.


Methodological support to planning

Activity 1: Planning instruments for IWRM

Activity 2: Pilot implementation: Support to the DGPRE


Component 3: Information systems and knowledge

Activity 1: Inventory/diagnosis in terms of information systems

Activity 2: Proposal of responses adapted to the context

Component 4: Incubation of projects for adaptation to climate change


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