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Water Security for Central Kosovo

Long title: 
Water Security for Central Kosovo
Clarification on the localization: 
Name of client/Beneficiary: 
Banque Mondiale, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Kosovo
Start Date : 
July, 2010
Completion Date : 
July, 2011
Funding organisation: 
Banque Mondiale
Name of Associated partners if any: 
SCE Lead Partners
Description of the project: 

Project overall objective: to secure future water supply to strategic sectors in Kosovo. The strategic sectors include domestic water use, irrigation, power and key industries.

Project specific objectives:
* Assist the Government of Kosovo to improve its river basin planning and management by providing for demonstration purposes a replicable model for integrated river basin planning and management. This model will take into account the status of Kosovo as a potential EU candidate country and thus the need to move towards alignment with the EU acquis, including but not limited to the Water Framework Directive.
* Support the Government of Kosovo in its identification of priority measures (structural and non-structural) within the water sector broadly to achieve its socio-economic development objectives as well as good water quality in the Iber basin. This will be done by providing for demonstration purposes a multi-criteria model for prioritization of measures as well as identifying and describing initial priority investments

Main results of the project achieved by the Consortium SCE - OIEau:
1.    Hydrological and hydraulic studies for a comprehensive assessment of water resource availability and water uses for the Iber basin including mapping and G.I.S activities for the global hydrological and hydrogeological studies
2.    Proposal for a Iber Basin water demand management program, including technical and non-technical measures including the development of a Integrated Water Resources model (WEAP model)
3.    Elaboration of conceptual note of measures proposed under EU format,  for funds application

Description of services provided by IOW: 

•    Assessment of domestic and irrigation water uses in the Ibër basin.
Analysis of existing conditions
Evaluation of existing and future water demand including water losses for domestic and agriculture sectors
Assessment of future conditions under alternative climate change scenarios
•    Identification of a robust program of structural and non-structural measures as component of a river basin planning and management program
•    Assessment of potential water savings


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