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Our assignments, our values

Expertise that covers the entire water cycle

IOWater has expertise on many water-related issues and focuses on innovation for better water management in France, Europe and the world.


IOWater’s six priority assignments are to:

  1. Disseminate reliable information adapted to the needs of its various partners,
  2. Collect, analyze and make easily available the scientific, technical, economic and institutional documentation on the different water issues, to ensure a technological watch to constantly update knowledge in real time, to make regulatory and normative information, including the European one, more readily available,
  3. Contribute in the training of water professional and to facilitate their permanent adaptation to new jobs, functions and qualifications, induced by technical progress and, secondly, by the variety of local regional or national contexts,
  4. Enable the priorities of the professional community and users to be expressed on the themes chosen for study and research, facilitate the general training curricula launched by the public authorities, promote knowledge and disseminate results to the users concerned, and possibly carry out applied studies and experiments, as a complement to and in consistency with the specialized research and training institutions,
  5. Collaborate in programs for the management and summary of data on water quality, pollution, water resources and environmental protection, especially initiated by the French Environment Institute and the European Environment Agency,
  6. Develop expertise and assessment abilities in these areas, especially on legal, economic and institutional issues, to foster local or regional skills and to promote integrated water resources management in the interested countries.


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